Meet the team

Dr Rachana Varma

Role: Co-Chair, project communications lead,

Interests: Renal medicine, Paediatric registrar, Associate PI in Clinical trial

Dr Jonathon Holland

Role: Co-Chair

Interests: Multiple sclerosis; Paediatric Neurology. Paediatric Neurology grid trainee; Action Medical Research and British Paediatric Neurology Association Research Training Fellowship

Dr Ben Marlow 

Role: CHEERI consultant mentor, Community Paediatric consultant, Director of The Synapse Center for Neurodevelopment in ESNEFT

Interests: Neurodisability; Evidence based medicine; Biochemistry and pharmaceuticals

Dr Elizabeth Radford

Roles: Career Pathways

Interests: Genetics; Neurology; CRISPR and it’s roll in diagnosis, Paediatric Pint of Science Organiser, Research design lead, Academic Clinical Lecturer – Paediatric Neurology

Dr Amy Lee

Role: Social media and communications lead, Paediatric registrar

Interests: Cardiology, QI

Dr Carla Kantyka

Role: Website design,

Interests: Neonatology, Paediatric registrar, currently developing projects for antisepsis use in neonates, as well as outcomes in VLBW neonates with CONS sepsis.

Dr Constantinos Kanaris

Role: Paediatric Critical Care and Retrieval Consultant at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust; Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University London; Associate Editor of the Journal of Child Health Care

Interests: Paediatric critical care

Dr Sharmila Manivannan

Role: Links to Team SoftLanding, Paediatric registrar

Interests: Paediatric Neurology

Dr Hannah Mechie

Role: QIP lead, Trainee engagement, Trainee committee, Paediatric registrar

Interests: Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Jenny Yang

Role: Blog posts, Medical Student Representative- Cambridge University

Interests: Rare disease research, Genetics

Dr Philip Adedokun

Role: CHEERI Admin email, Paediatric research fellow, Paediatric Undergraduate Regional Educator

Interests: Paediatric Neurology, Public health

Dr Heba Shawky

Role: IMG co-rep

Interests: Neonatology, IMG training, Paediatric registrar

Dr Thiloka Ratnaike,

Role: CHEERI founder, RCPCH TRN East of England representative, Academic Clinical Lecturer

Interests: Mitochondrial disease; Rare disease diagnosis; Improving access to research opportunities and skills for juniors; Genomics

Dr Erva Cinar

Role: Webinar and IMG Co-rep

Interests: Global child health, advocating for equal access to health services, and improving access to education and research activities for International Medical Graduates.

Dr Chad Lambert

Role: QIP lead

Interests: global child health, paediatric trainee, developing a project surrounding health inequalities created by travel expenses

Dr Alison Skippen PhD

Interests: Paediatric neurology, medical education, mentoring, access to research.

Jenny Yang

Role: Medical student link, blog posts

Interests: Genetics, has completed an intercalated year, working towards a PhD.

Dr Asma Soltani

Role: Webinar lead

Interests: Newlife clinical research fellow, genetics and neurology, PhD in neuroscience. Currently looking in to genetic mutations in neurological conditions like Rett syndrome and autism.

Dr Swati Jha

Interests: Paediatric neurology, paediatric trainee

Legacy Members

Those who have made significant contributions to CHEERI, but have now left the deanery

Dr Gemma Wilson

Role: Funding, Communications, Trainee committee links

Interests: Respiratory medicine

Dr Lipi Shekhar

Role: Trainee committee, Paediatric registrar

Interests: Paediatric Neurology