This is a list of resources we have found helpful in our journey through academia. If there is something specific you would like to see added to this list, please contact us on [email protected]

Quality improvements

QI projects, how to start, who to ask for help, and how to make them meaningful and useful

Journal Club and critical appraisal

Resources for how to go about critical appraisals, checklists and reminders, as well as advice on how to have a successful journal club meeting.

Literature searches and Literature reviews

How to conduct a literature search, where to begin with literature reviews, how to organise and refine abstracts

Help with funding

Advice and guidance on how to apply for funding, funding eligibility, funding programs available, and roles and responsibilities once successful

academic writing

Advice on how to get started with academic writing – where to begin with case studies, how to put a poster together, abstract writing, and writing up articles for journals

Pathways In To Academia

Learn from the experiences of others who have undergone academic fellowships, PhD’s, how to build CV’s, stories and testimonials of the journey through academic life. Also, research for non-academics, how to get involved with research, publication and academia without being an academic

Getting involved with research at your unit

ways for you to get involved with research and projects at your local unit. Signposting to GCP, and other NIHR resources